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The Healer

The Healer I Final Actual size.jpg

Book 1: The Phantom Limb

As a young apprentice, I lost my master, leaving my training incomplete. I was thrown into the galaxy with an immense power to do good … or evil.

The power of healing … the power of retribution.

Was I strong enough to find the right path? I thought so when I signed on to work with the terraformers … but they had something else in mind.


Book 2: The Tree of Pain

We are created through our actions upon the universe and our reactions to the universe. So we are told. So we are taught.

It is a lie.

We may hold the tiller of the ship of our destiny, but it’s bound to a place beyond our reckoning, far from our intent or desire, following a course plotted by the winds of circumstance and the designs of others.

We have no control. That is the truth.

That is what I learned on the planet Hirasa Prime, caught in the midst of a looming civil war, facing the greatest challenges of my youth––questions of morality, loneliness, the trials of being different, and the joy and pain of love.

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