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the burn riders

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After the Apocalypse scorches the planet of life, the remnants of the human population flee to the UnderEarth Cities (UECs). 

Above ground, a wasteland covers Earth ... a new and deadly frontier known as

the Burn.




The terraced UECs segregate their populations: the powerful reside in the high tech utopian centers at the deepest levels; the commoners populate the middle levels; and the outcasts cram into the Rims, the levels closest to the surface––closest to the toxic wastelands. 



De-extinction is our one route to salvation, but ...

... large corporations, the Species Growing Interests (SGI’s), control the de-extinction machines.

The City Masters hold a monopoly on life.

The SGIs hold a monopoly on salvation.

Both of them have a hold on humanity.




Meanwhile, an army of death rises in the Burn, threatening to destroy the UECs ...

... toxic storms ... Rainbow Squalls ... predatory mutants ...

... and a mythic horror known as the Roaming Death. 



Who would fight the UEC Masters and brave the terrors of the Burn?

Only fools and outcasts.

Enter Jim Gambol and his misfit band of Burn riders ... 

... ready to start a civil war in the UECs and gamble their lives in the Burn to find DNA and save Earth and humanity.





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Remember Firefly? Remember great sci-fi -- edgy, daring, dark and humorous at the same time, willing to take risks? We are in negotiations with producers to create and develop The Burn Riders as a tv series that will return great sci-fi to the small screen.