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Invisible Sun

“Reality is nothing more than a mass hallucination unwittingly ratified by global consensus.”

-- Arkady Bren, designer of the Virtual Reality Earth, commonly known as The VR


Invisible Sun cover 4 website.png
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Two hundred years ago, we destroyed the planet, and the Corporate Council shipped us out to live in hellish off-world colonies. Our one role––to mine the resources necessary to repair Earth. Our one comfort––the VR, a utopian construct of Earth as it once was in modern times and as it never was in modern times … free of pollution, prejudice, inequality … everything our real lives are not.

The VR––a beguiling illusion created to gild a nightmare … a sugar coating over a very bitter pill.

For two centuries we have bought the fiction … have gladly swallowed the pill …


... until Kenda Zaless, a streetwise cop in Mars-Baltimore, investigates an accident that killed twenty thousand miners ...

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... and genetic engineer, Jesly Crakov, hunts for a missing colleague in Titan-Bangalore.


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Their search for answers uncovers a secret that will spark a revolution … a revolution that will end the human race.